Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More blogging! I promise

Alright, got my Blogger account linked up to my account I use ALL the time, so I'll be doing more blog posts, and I got the iPhone app too!

I will share some photos of my latest quilting project, a Memorial Quilt. A nice lady from one of the local Crafter's swap groups on Facebook took me up on my offer of a huge discount on one of these babies as I've never done one before. I have to tell you, its quite the honor to be able to do a tribute to someone's passed loved one. So great to be able to give her something that will last for hopefully generations =)

What I started with, a pile of shirts

Block 1 of 81! a scrappy memorial quilt

Still working full time, but I now have a set plan on what I'm going to be selling online, hopefully it will be enough that I will only have to work part time! I honestly would love to make a living sewing my products. Please leave comments on what you would like to see me blog about? or even suggest some other seamstress' blogs. I need ideas! Thanks everyone <3

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