Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Creative itch!!

I'm so in the mood to sew right now, but I should have been in bed 1/2hr ago. Darn, why do I have to work?? Riiiight, to support my sewing addiction!

Going on a little roadtrip this weekend to see my dear mother-in-law. Haven't seen her since January, and then it was a rushed visit. And on the way back home, I might stay with my boyfriend & his family (he's out of town taking a course right now). Hee hee, I found out that Save-On-Fabrics is a 30 min transit ride from where he's staying. I just might have to check it out.

I think on our drive there, I will continue working on my stock of Boobie Hats. What's that you ask?? Have I not shown them to you? Well, this is what they are (like my model? no babies were close by to try it on)

So glad I taught myself to crochet, gives me something portable to do while on the move.

Until next time dear readers, good night

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