Monday, October 29, 2012

to knit or not to knit

I attempted to knit a Boobie hat, looks much nicer than the crocheted ones. I'm still learning to knit, I've made a basic knit baby hat. I tried this Breast Hat pattern, far far too many new terms/techniques I've never heard of =( I couldn't even get past the first 3 rows, and attempted to work with circular needles, let's just say I failed!!
Anyone have tips for a beginner? where to go for some tips? Anything to help me out. I think I'm just making it complicated, I should just keep going even if it looks like crap. Ok, going to order some circular knitting needles off ebay! Add to my collection of bamboo crochet hooks & straight knitting needles =)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I feel so creative =D

Well folks, looks like my creative bug has bit me again! It feels so good being productive with my time. Although my wrist is starting to ache. I need some tips on how to crochet properly as I'm self taught and I'm pretty sure I'm holding the hook incorrectly (when I crochet I rotate my wrist alot which I think is causing the pain, ouch!)

My latest addiction, besides Pinterest, is a wonderful site called Ravelry with free & some paid patterns. You can keep track of current projects, add projects you want to do, its almost as bad as Pinterest lol

After the craft fair is over & done with (or if I can prepare enough stock before then) I REALLY want to try Amigurumi crochet. I googled it, and sooo many adorably cute patterns came up. So many I'm dying to try, but I have to try to contain myself, don't want my HUGE yarn supply to build up again

Here's one i HAVE to make! (I love Hello Kitty & my momma loves Mickey Mouse)

Hello Kitty Mickey Mouse

Ok, well, I've been concentrating too much on crafting the past few days, my house needs some love. Off to clean, ta ta for now <3

Monday, October 22, 2012

Christmas approaching

I'm very excited to announce that F-B*mb Clothing & Alterations will be participating in my VERY FIRST Christmas Craft Fair! I'll be making a ton of Boobie Hats & reusable christmas & non-christmas coffee sleeves. Perhaps some PJs pants and simple quilts if time allows!

A reminder that cut off for Christmas orders is December. 1, and something to keep in mind, buy more, save more! Definitely we can talk discount for large orders.

Ok, food break and then back to crafting, thanks for reading <3

Monday, October 15, 2012

Time to replenish??

So, I'm staying with my other half in Delta for a few days (he's taking a sheet metal roofing course). Figured I'd be bored at home, so I'll be bored in a different place on my "weekend" lol. We just went for a quick visit up to Prince George & Quesnel to see his family. Was far too short of a visit.

I've heard there is a pretty good sewing store not too far from here. Seeing as I'm not doing anything until this evening, helllooo IKEA!!, I just might have to go check out Save-On-Fabrics and replenish some of my fabrics. I think I need to start thinking a little harder about what I'm actually going ot use fabrics for, and if the project WILL get done. I've bought too many fabrics just because they're pretty, cute or unique. Now I will have to start torturing myself lol

Also brought my crocheting and English homework with me, so I should be too bored here =) That is all for now, IF I decide to go to Fabric store, will post up about my adventure tomorrow! Have a great day everyone <3

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Creative itch!!

I'm so in the mood to sew right now, but I should have been in bed 1/2hr ago. Darn, why do I have to work?? Riiiight, to support my sewing addiction!

Going on a little roadtrip this weekend to see my dear mother-in-law. Haven't seen her since January, and then it was a rushed visit. And on the way back home, I might stay with my boyfriend & his family (he's out of town taking a course right now). Hee hee, I found out that Save-On-Fabrics is a 30 min transit ride from where he's staying. I just might have to check it out.

I think on our drive there, I will continue working on my stock of Boobie Hats. What's that you ask?? Have I not shown them to you? Well, this is what they are (like my model? no babies were close by to try it on)

So glad I taught myself to crochet, gives me something portable to do while on the move.

Until next time dear readers, good night

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More blogging! I promise

Alright, got my Blogger account linked up to my account I use ALL the time, so I'll be doing more blog posts, and I got the iPhone app too!

I will share some photos of my latest quilting project, a Memorial Quilt. A nice lady from one of the local Crafter's swap groups on Facebook took me up on my offer of a huge discount on one of these babies as I've never done one before. I have to tell you, its quite the honor to be able to do a tribute to someone's passed loved one. So great to be able to give her something that will last for hopefully generations =)

What I started with, a pile of shirts

Block 1 of 81! a scrappy memorial quilt

Still working full time, but I now have a set plan on what I'm going to be selling online, hopefully it will be enough that I will only have to work part time! I honestly would love to make a living sewing my products. Please leave comments on what you would like to see me blog about? or even suggest some other seamstress' blogs. I need ideas! Thanks everyone <3