Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I feel so creative =D

Well folks, looks like my creative bug has bit me again! It feels so good being productive with my time. Although my wrist is starting to ache. I need some tips on how to crochet properly as I'm self taught and I'm pretty sure I'm holding the hook incorrectly (when I crochet I rotate my wrist alot which I think is causing the pain, ouch!)

My latest addiction, besides Pinterest, is a wonderful site called Ravelry with free & some paid patterns. You can keep track of current projects, add projects you want to do, its almost as bad as Pinterest lol

After the craft fair is over & done with (or if I can prepare enough stock before then) I REALLY want to try Amigurumi crochet. I googled it, and sooo many adorably cute patterns came up. So many I'm dying to try, but I have to try to contain myself, don't want my HUGE yarn supply to build up again

Here's one i HAVE to make! (I love Hello Kitty & my momma loves Mickey Mouse)

Hello Kitty Mickey Mouse

Ok, well, I've been concentrating too much on crafting the past few days, my house needs some love. Off to clean, ta ta for now <3

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