Monday, October 15, 2012

Time to replenish??

So, I'm staying with my other half in Delta for a few days (he's taking a sheet metal roofing course). Figured I'd be bored at home, so I'll be bored in a different place on my "weekend" lol. We just went for a quick visit up to Prince George & Quesnel to see his family. Was far too short of a visit.

I've heard there is a pretty good sewing store not too far from here. Seeing as I'm not doing anything until this evening, helllooo IKEA!!, I just might have to go check out Save-On-Fabrics and replenish some of my fabrics. I think I need to start thinking a little harder about what I'm actually going ot use fabrics for, and if the project WILL get done. I've bought too many fabrics just because they're pretty, cute or unique. Now I will have to start torturing myself lol

Also brought my crocheting and English homework with me, so I should be too bored here =) That is all for now, IF I decide to go to Fabric store, will post up about my adventure tomorrow! Have a great day everyone <3

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