Friday, February 17, 2012

why can't there be more hours in a day??

WOW! I been so busy lately, still organizing & purging my sewing room, work schedule all over the place, quilting night on mondays, and I've started my English 12 upgrade course.

I wish I didn't have to work so much, then I would be rolling out project after project. Still need to get my industrial machine looked at as well. It decided to start spraying oil when i sew, NOT GOOD!! Maybe I should just sell it for cheap, and whoever buys it can invest their money into fixing it. Poor thing, I haven't touched it since before christmas. Hmmm, maybe I will fix it, just imagine how quickly I'd get my quilts pieced together haha!

I'm almost finished another quilt, can't post any pics yet until the receiver gets it ;) All I can say is its a real beauty. Color combination looks amazing, and it looks so intricate. Took a lonnnng time to piece it together. Can't wait until I can share pictures with the world!

I know I've been all over the place about school, but I think I'm going to pass on the private institute i WAS interested in. I mean, $25, 000 for an 18 month course is insane! I can go to a university for less than that and get the exact same thing (diploma), but also have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design. I just want to go to school and get going with my career.

I haven't forgotten about posting pics of my organized room, once its complete, pics will be up. Thanks for reading =D

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