Friday, December 28, 2012

BIG QUILT, little machine!

I'm making great progress on this memorial quilt, however I wasn't able to meet my Christmas completion date. I had a craft fair to prep for, another move, and still working full time. I don't know what I was thinking, and I do thank my customer for her patience & understanding.

I've run into a big hurdle with this quilt, attempting to shove a queen size quilt into a 4"x4" space, NOT an easy task. I just figured I would blog about it while its fresh in my mind. I came across a great blog with lots of tips, Mama Loves Quilts. I had to do some adjusting to my machine & chair placement.

Most of all, PATIENCE!!! I'm stitching around each small center square of every block, so that involces alot of turning the quilt. Must remember to roll the side that is in that tiny space & to do it neatly so it will go through machine smoothly.

Time when lazy=far too long to quilt a 2"x2" square
Time when rolling quilt=just minutes to quilt a square!!

Thanks Nicole for your tips

Just to give you an idea of machines...