Monday, May 31, 2010


I got my dress & shrug done just in time! still needs a few minor adjustments and alterations to make it 100% perfect, but i have 2 weeks to do that =) as soon as i find my usb cable i will upload some pictures. terry's tie turned out ok, lesson learned-->always make sure the straight of grain is straight! especially if it's cut on the bias. the puckering was on the backside so only me & him knew it was there. however, i did make a tie & pocket square at work, which turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! again will post a pic when i find my cable, don't have a working card reader unfortunately =(
well, just thought i would give an update...some upcoming projects: my new nieces quilt (have less than 2 months to get 'er done!), mom's purse, and start gathering fabrics for my quilt, a bargello quilt...and just need to get pics up for my etsy store

...again, i don't really know how many ppl read this. so a little encouragement would be great. thanks all

Monday, May 17, 2010


Wow, time sure flies by!! had a hectic week last week....
had to put my poor bunny rabbit down, he broke his back, then work was crazy busy with prom...and i just been feeling like hell =(
Went on a fabricland trip today with my co-worker...ohh the fun we had! Got some fabrics to make some ties and pocket squares, such fun fabric. She also introduced to a very bad bad bad area of Fabricland, the remnants bin!!!! buy 1 remnant, get TWO free!!! ohhh so bad, now my fabric pile will slowly start to rebuild.
But that's ok, I got some projects all cut out, waiting to be sewn for my store. I need to get going on that, I need money, work is not easy to get here =(
well, got to go throw some fabric in the dryer and start cutting out some ties & pocket squares. tah tah for now