Monday, October 29, 2012

to knit or not to knit

I attempted to knit a Boobie hat, looks much nicer than the crocheted ones. I'm still learning to knit, I've made a basic knit baby hat. I tried this Breast Hat pattern, far far too many new terms/techniques I've never heard of =( I couldn't even get past the first 3 rows, and attempted to work with circular needles, let's just say I failed!!
Anyone have tips for a beginner? where to go for some tips? Anything to help me out. I think I'm just making it complicated, I should just keep going even if it looks like crap. Ok, going to order some circular knitting needles off ebay! Add to my collection of bamboo crochet hooks & straight knitting needles =)


Ms.Cassy said...

Oh my god Fiona please tell me that isn't your cat!

Fiona Phelan said...

haha, no not my cat. I found the picture on Google, it made me giggle so I had to share ;)