Wednesday, April 21, 2010


so i was nervous to go into work today, because i knew i had a suit jacket waiting to be altered...a lined suit jacket *shudders*
well, needless to say, that went verrrrrry well =) i don't know why i'm so unsure of everything i do when sewing! even yesterday my boss had to, i guess, be my cheerleader as i hemmed approximately 7 meters of dress!! i thought about 1/3 of the way through, there's no way i'm gonna get this silly thing done in time, no way. but he was encouraging me. lol i told him he has to stand with my now whenever i'm nervous. it's kinda nice having your own cheering section =D made me realize i don't have to be so unsure and nervous, i know what i'm doing. i think i'm just afraid i'll make a mistake.

sure mistakes happen, but there is also a lesson to be learned with every mistake.

today is mom's birthday, was hoping to have her purse done by now! maybe i should be working on my organization instead of sitting in front of the computer, right?? ok, i'm off to continue the organization. thanks for reading

BTW, here's what my sewing area currently looks like =(

<---see the pile of rubble???

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CrystaL* said...

wow your sewing room looks so much cleaner and nicer then mine.