Thursday, April 15, 2010

another day another dolla!

well, got dress # 2 done for work. i thought it was going to be difficult, stretchy blingy beautiful dress, made of stretch knit, ohhh fun!!
well, i had to adjust the straps, and take up the hem & lining. i look at the hem, it's a serged rolled hem. hmm, now how do i do this hem? sure i've played around with my serger, done a rolled hem on a dress of my own, but never on a knit fabric. was interesting to see how to this would turn out. no surprise, absolute success =D

<-----pretty rolled hem

 i'm off to drop these babies off at work. is it bad to say that i'm quite proud of the work i've done lately? i surprise myself some days haha hopefully next week i'll start working on my own dress. pictures will be up for sure of my progress on that one.
going for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. thanks for looking

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