Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i learned something new!

I work in a clothing store that offers tailoring. i took a dress home today to hem because i'm more comfortable fighting with narrow hems in the privacy of my own home and on my own machine...it's quite frusterating!
i remembered, there is a thing called a narrow hem foot, so i checked out all my machine's accessories. no foot! ohhh my heart sank, i really didn't want to fold up 1/4" on a satin dress, and fold under 1/8" on that first fold, ugh, how irritating! so i raided mom's sewing area, and praise the lord i found the foot!!!! haha
i attempted to use it, failed, almost cried because i thought this was the easy route. quit for awhile, came to sit at my computer. i decided to check out youtube for instructional vidoes on how to do a narrow hem. annnnnd SUCCESS :D

now i can do professional looking VERRRRRRRY narrow hems

here's the video that helped me, thank you thank you =D

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