Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'tis the season

Man am I EVER in the mood to sew!! I went to quilting group last night and got mom's quilt all cut out and the strips sewn together. Now for more cutting and piecing =)
My darling niece's quilt is all pieced and boarder on, now just need the batting (which i have no money for!) so i will work on my momma's quilt in the meantime. Honestly the speed I was sewing at last night was making some of the other ladies laugh, especially because of the static the friction was producing. I had some lovely fly away hairs LOL
Very excited to share that I am a part time seamstress at a very nice men's suit shop. just started there this past weekend. No longer working as a telemarketer, and just waiting to hear back from the car rental place. This girl will be rolling in dough haha! Well, more like the bill collectors will stop calling. They call just as often as my dear mom; practically everyday!
I've found a new love to sew, COFFEE SLEEVES!!!! easy easy to make, yet can be so individual and unique; made a Simpsons one for my man! anywho, check out my facebook fanpage. My goal is to reach 100 fans, the 100th person to join get a handmade gift from me!! So please spread the word about F-B*mb Alterations & Clothing.

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