Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Store Name Ideas?

I'm signing up for an account on Zibbet and am stuck on a store name =(
I would love some help deciding on a name. To give you some ideas, My clothing label name will be F-B*mb...my focus for now is purses, ties, quilts & pillows, PJs, halloween costumes, garter belts, baby accessories. Once I'm a fashion designer, my focus will shift a little more to jeans, trendy tops, eye catching baby & men's wear, and lingerie.
I'm starting to work on items for my store, so until I can decide a name for my online store, I will be selling on my Facebook fanpage. I'll give it until the end of November, so please submit your suggestions and the name I choose will win their choice of an item from my store! Thanks for your help =D


Anonymous said...

Hmmm to name or not to name. I have been stuck on this one forever. If i help you, you help me :)

do you want it long or short?
have a double meaning?
feefeephelans, its for an online store right?
i tink you should do a play off of fee , its your nick name right

Anonymous said...

well it would be both my username and store name.
i don't really want to use my clothing line name yet because these are just basic little items, not something designed & created exclusively by me
i was thinking Fabulous Fashions...opinions? =)